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The core challenges most sales teams run into are

Who do you hire? How do you train them? And, how do you make sure they ramp as quickly as possible?

How do you build systems that can scale and evolve with your team? There’s a million new tools, which ones do you actually need?

How do you approach your market? What channels are viable? How do you set and track KPIs?

How Do We Solve Those Problems?

We build, document and streamline your onboarding process equipping new hires with the training, tools and attention they need to ramp quickly

We perform call coaching, email & LinkedIn coaching, weekly training, personalized progression plans, weekly activity tracking, weekly 1:1’s

We identify and recommend high performing individuals that align with your culture

We implement a simple, scalable tech stack that optimizes sales rep performance and selling time

We provide end to end insight to you into your sales program and how it is performing

We build infrastructure that can scale easily with a growing team without scaling your overhead costs

We develop offers and messaging that generate conversions and build future relationships

We implement omni-channel strategies that allow your reps to be precise at scale

We establish KPIs and incentives that encourage the right behaviors

of OTE

Most agencies make you pay a placement fee in full, up front and if the rep leaves after 3 months, you don’t get your money back. Instead we charge 1.5% of OTE for the first 12 months of their employment with you. If they leave, you stop paying while we find you a replacement.

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per month

We establish your sales strategy and manage your reps to the correct behaviors and process. Full outbound prospecting management starting at $1,500/ mo.

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