$155,000 revenue generated in 90 days

Vistity Case Study

Vistity, a virtual reality tour platform, was looking for help penetrating into a new market. They had early success selling into business improvement districts and they were looking to break into commercial real estate.

The Challenge

At the time, Vistity did not have any case studies or examples of work from the industry they were looking to break into. They had also just ended an engagement with a different outsourced sales company who ran prospecting campaigns but did not produce any results after a few months.

The Solution

In order to generate high quality leads Skyeline Consulting developed a cold email prospecting system. We began by building a cold email infrastructure that promoted high deliverability. Once the infrastructure was built, we attached the email accounts to email warming software and began building the campaigns.

We started building the campaigns by analyzing the positioning of the offer. Because another sales agency had tried in the past and failed to book meetings we knew the problem was likely at the foundation with the positioning of the offer. We developed tests to validate our assumptions around offer positioning, built lists, wrote sales copy and launched the campaigns.

The Results

Vistity started booking qualified sales calls on the first round of campaigns. Following launch, the Skyeline team managed all subsequent campaign tests, response handling, scheduling and making sure prospects showed up to their scheduled appointments. The Skyeline team proactively identified campaign constraints and solved those constraints to optimize the performance of the sales program. The Skyeline team produced regular reports to update Vistity on the health of their sales program and generated $155,000 in revenue for the Vistity team within the first 90 days.

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