From 0 Outbound to Building a Sales Team

Sixth Media Case Study

Sixth Media, a full service marketing agency, was looking for help building a predictable system to acquire new clients. Their CEO built a successful and thriving agency off his ability to network and wanted an outbound prospecting system that could give him more control and predictability over his growth while also enhancing the enterprise value of his business.

The Challenge

Selling an agency service through cold outreach comes with a unique set of challenges:

  • The barrier to entry to start an agency and run outbound campaigns is so low that there’s a ton of competition. This makes it hard to stand out and differentiate
  • The space is infamous for making promises that it can’t keep which means prospects find it hard to trust anyone reaching out about marketing

Sixth Media needed a strategy that could cut through the noise while simultaneously building trust and rapport with prospects.

The Solution

In order to generate high quality leads, Skyeline Consulting developed a cold email prospecting system. We began by building a cold email infrastructure that promoted high deliverability. Once the infrastructure was built, we attached the email accounts to email warming software and began building the campaigns. Additionally, we implemented CRM reporting infrastructure that would enable them to more accurately track their sales program.

Sixth Media works with a wide range of verticals so we launched multiple campaigns into different verticals to see where we would have the best results. Each vertical had a vertical specific landing page and video sales letter created. The first two weeks yielded no results. In response to this, the Skyeline team conducted customer discovery campaigns, cold calling prospects within the target markets and conducting interviews. This was outside of the agreed upon scope but required in order to make sure our client was successful.

The customer discovery campaigns worked and allowed us to create lead magnets that would attract prospects and use language and copywriting angles that were more likely to resonate with each vertical.

One of the verticals we saw success in was a local business niche. The data in this niche is difficult to create and there are no data providers that could provide us with the data we wanted. In order to continue scaling within this niche, Skyeline built a custom web scraping and data enrichment solution exclusively for this client. This was outside of the agreed upon scope but helpful in achieving a competitive advantage for Sixth Media because they now have data that no other company has access to and the ability to continue building more lists in other local business niches with our list building solution.

The Results

The Skyeline team managed all campaign iterations, response handling, CRM reporting, scheduling prospects and making sure they show up to their scheduled appointments. The Skyeline team proactively identified campaign constraints and solved those constraints to optimize the performance of the sales program. We also produced regular reports to update Sixth Media on the health of their sales program and so far have generated 64 sales calls. Now, Sixth Media will be using Skyeline to recruit, train and manage their outbound sales team.

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